Step Wise Casting Process by Rainbow Castings India

04/14/2015 18:47

Casting technique is the most famous technique in the modern age. This is so because there are many parts of machines which are not formed with the help of other techniques. Casting is a technique in which we firstly use to melt the metal like iron on a very high temperature. It is the first step which is followed in cast iron foundries. This is step wise process which must be held in casting industries for the better production of casting products. Molten metal or iron is poured out into the mold. There are different kinds of molds used in the process of casting because every time there are different shapes manufactured.

When we poured the molten metal in the molds then we have to take care of the laborers because there is a great risk of burning during the pouring step. Step three is to allow it for little time because it we break or remove the mold out then it is not possible to give it a perfect shape and size.

Every machine have enough and limited space for the utilization of any part but if we did not allowed it to settle down then it will lost its perfect shape and size. In cast iron foundries, there are about hundreds of workers works on molds especially. Because molds are not in perfect shape and size then it is impossible to make them in a perfect size and shape.

When they get cool then we break the molds or sometime remove it. It they are permanent molds then we make it with metals like iron or steel. There are many machines which need same screws and related parts then permanent molds are best option for such parts. After removing the molds then lubricant is applied before apply in machines.